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Education and career in Japan

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1. Learn japanese language
Learning japanese language easy to the people who knows state language, first of all learn japanese language in our center or learn by yourself.
2. Japanese schools
Learn about japanese schools.
3. Interview and Documents
Chosen school will make a small conversation with you and ask you to prepare 3-4 documents.
5. Hello Japan
After 5 working days after receiving a visa, the road to Japan opens to you, that means to your dreams!
6. Work and Study
At school, you will study 3-4 hours a day, and in your spare time you will be able to work in the surrounding cafes, restaurants or shops.

Choose a Japanese language school

Available and well-training schools

Academy of Language Arts



5.00out of 5
The Academy being in the center of the city trains 220 students of the Japanese language...
Japanese Language School Ichikawa



5.00 out of 5
Located in the city of Ichikawa and connected by metro lines to the center of Tokyo, nearby there are inexpensive apartment houses...
Shinjuku Ex. Language School



5.00 out of 5
This school is located in the heart of the world-famous Shinjuku in Tokyo. Due to the fact that there are many cafes and shops close by, there are also a lot of work...
SAMU Language School



5.00 out of 5
Located in a new building in the center of Tokyo, most attention is drawn to interesting and important lessons of the Japanese language.
International Japanese Language School



5.00 out of 5
It is located in the eastern part of Tokyo where the rent of nearby houses is relatively cheap as is the cost of the school itself.
Edo center



5.00 out of 5
Located in one of the oldest and most expensive districts of Tokyo, which deeply teaches the Japanese language and culture...


Daily income and expenses



Average hourly wage

  • Restaurant cook

  • Cafe waiter

  • Shop seller

  • Post office postman

  • Car Dealers seller

  • Food company packer

  • Other types of worksimple worker


House rent

Average rent per month per person

  • 3-4 people in one apartment fine

  • Payment for electricity, gas and waste available

  • Japanese school hostel expensive

  • If the training is in the centerapartment in the distance

  • If the training is away from the center apartment closer

  • Students work hard houses are rare

  • Furniture in the apartmentlittle or no


A life

Average costs per month per person

  • Students oftencook at home

  • 1 food intake in a cafe / restaurant average $5

  • Student's transportation ticket per month $50

  • Mobile communication and Internet per month $30

  • Health insurance per month $10

  • Tashkent-Tokyo air ticket $250

  • Japanese visa is free

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Our teachers

Marhabo Juraeva
Daraja: N2
Yapon tilini qanchalik chuqur o’rganilsa shunchalik Yaponiyani sir-u asrorlaridan voqif bo’lib boradi.
Yapon tilini o’rganayotgan har bir talaba yapon tilini mas’uliyat bilan o’rganishini hohlardim.
Дильдора Мусульманова
Степень: N2
Япония для меня – это таблетка креативности,которую нужно принимать как можно чаще.
Секрет японцев в том,что они не делают доклады о работе, а работают.
Alijonova Oqila
Kyuu: N2
Watashi wa Okira to moshimasu. 1984 nen umaremashita. Samarukando gaikokugo daigaku o 2005 nen sotsugyooshimashita
3nin kodomo ga imasu. Ima Ridaa gakko no Nihongo no Sensei desu.
Muxlisa Abdullayeva
Degree: N3
Whoever learns Japanese, I wanted them to learn all aspects of this country
Then come to Uzbekistan and become one of the leading ones!